Friday music choice 9.6.2017

The ever excellent Paramore are back with a great new sound.


Friday music choice 24.10.14

I have so much intention to be blogging again frequently but its just finding the time…but for now here is some fun Friday music. Still one of the best bands i have ever seen live, here is Paramore with an acoustic rendtion of Misery Business.

Paramore than expected

Paramore at the TSB Arena was …well, more than i expected!

Despite the fact that Ingrid and i were 2 of the oldest people there, we had a great time at the gig..although our hearing took a few days to sort itself out!

It was the second trip to New Zealand this year for the Nashville five-piece. Front woman and human fire-cracker Hayley Williams made sure we all knew that New Zealand holds a special place in their hearts, calling it their “second home” and wondering aloud “why [they] left in the first place”.

And it is Williams that is the heart and soul of Paramore. Sure, she’s little and boyish and on a very windy day, you’d be right to worry she might blow away, but once her trademark orange microphone is in her hands, she’s got more energy than is imaginable.

Her voice treads the often-fine line of power and pretty perfectly, which was all the more  striking by the amount of kicking, dancing, running and jumping she peppered the set with.  More often than not, her red hair is no more than a blaze of fire bouncing across the stage.

Behind a gigantic black curtain, they kicked off the show with Ignorance, which was slightly ruined by vocals buried so deep they were redundant and guitars that were just too loud to be enjoyed.  But, thankfully, it didn’t last any longer than that song and the rest of the night sounded tight and polished.

They sprinkled their set with their new album material including Brick by Boring Brick, fan fave Decode and recent single Careful as well as two of my favourites Playing God and Feeling Sorry.

The rest of the set was a healthy mix of old and new, including an attempt to us all of the merits of country music, in the form of an acoustic cover of Loretta Lynn’s You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man), which i have to say was quite brilliant -and I never thought i would say that about a country music song. It certainly showcased Hayley Williams softer side.

Their recent hit, the wistful love song, The Only Exception, was played only acoustically and it was a calming moment as the TSB Arena was transformed into a stunning blanket of cellphone-stars and a wall of pyrotechnics which was stunning. The fact that they performed it on their dressing room couch that they had pulled out from backstage, only added to the moment.

Paramore proved their dedication to their Kiwi fans when Williams pulled three girls on stage to help her sing the night’s final song Misery Business. The girls didn’t let her down, revelling in their two minutes of fame and to be honest, one of them was pretty good. I guess she got Paramore than expected too!