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Friday music choice 2.3.2018

Not sure how i managed to miss this beautiful song when it came out at Christmas last year but as its snowing heavily in England it made me think of Christmas, so here it it. Tom Chaplin (former frontman of Keane) singing the haunting Midnight Mass.

Takk Norway!

Some of the few good things about Youtube (apart from hilarious cat related videos) is stumbling across new music from talented artists you’ve never heard of.

This year I’ve discovered some great music courteousy of Norway. First Astrid Smeplass, then Aurora Aksnes and now Sigrid Solbakk Raabe.

So here for your viewing pleasure is two snippets of Sigrid’s work. First is ‘Strangers‘ which i guarantee will be your summer/winter jam (depending on what hemisphere you’re in) and secondly is the haunting ‘Dynamite‘ from theĀ  2017 Nobel Peace Prize Concert.