A new country

I’ve been meaning to write more on this blog but i just haven’t made the time, which is really slack of me.

I guess now is a good time as any to write an update, as the main news is that at the age of 73, my mum has made a huge change and is emigrating out here to New Zealand!

Its very exciting for us all and especially good for Jake as he will have his other grandma in the same country and also the same town. Mum is looking to find a place here in Featherston, and arrives in 3 weeks time. As we speak her belongings are on a large container ship heading this way.

I found it hard enough emigrating out here as a single man with no job and no accommodation waiting for me, so for my mum to be this adventurous at her age is amazing and a real example to me.

I’m so pleased for her that she gets an opportunity to live in this amazing country (which she loves) and to look forward to some wonderful times which are ahead. i really believe God has some good things in store for her!


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