Close up

We thought we should have some more family photos so we asked the fabulous photographer Heather Browne to come back and take some more snaps of us and Jake.

Here is a sneak preview:






Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

Well, its been too long since i last posted. I had aimed to get back to frequent blogging again this year but the last few weeks have slipped by quickly…this has mainly been due to us having bought a house and moved in the last month.

Having never bought a house before,  its been a steep and at times quite stressful process (not helped by a fairly useless mortgage adviser). However, we are now enjoying life in our home in the beautiful hills of Kelson. With the amazingly good weather we have had (i.e a drought without rain for 39 days) we have been enjoying our garden, deck and conservatory (the latter wil prove indispensible once the famous Wellington region wind returns!).

We feel really blessed with such a great home, although it was sad to leave our street in Wilton where we had made such good friends with our neighbours. But we felt God led to Kelson and we hope to get to know some of our neighbours soon. Its cetainly strange not living in Wellington anymore but we’re only 20kms away. I

Jake continues to thrive and not only has his first tooth coming through but has now discovered English marmite and weetabix (not together though) and he is a happy little chap. He also loves bathtime and expecially soaking me and the bathroom as a whole! He is doing a pretty good job of crawling too and so he keeps on our toes!

Othere than that, Ingrid and i are both pretty well adn had a relaxing week off at Easter and just relaxed at home. Im just waiting to hear from ACC if they will approve my consultant’s request for spinal surgery (let’s hope so as i don’t have $50,000 to have it done privately!).

The rest of the family are well and Ingrid’s folks came to stay with us for a week when we moved which was nice. Luke and Kristin take delivery of child No 3 in mid August and Richard and Hilly are moving back from the USA in August for a while which will be great.

Work continues to be busy for me as we head towards migrating the Salvation Army website in the next few weeks. Im still doing some film and music reviewing though which is great fun (unlike the Blue Jays start to the new baseball season which is NOT fun. And don’t get me started on how useless West Ham have been this season…)

Right, enough ramblings for now….