My wonderful wife has just won her second award!

Ingrid, together with her collegaues Amber Wilkinson and Nicola Maycroft won the 2012 Writemark Plain English Award for Best Plain English Document — Private Sector for their work on the Salvation Army Blue Mountain Adventure Centre’s ‘Conquer Your Own Mountain!’ brochure.

It is Ingrid’s second Plain English Award as she won previously for the CYF website when she worked at the Ministry of Social Development.

My wife is very talented indeed!


Premiere pics

I wandered down to Courtenay Place to sample the atmosphere; its buzzing!!

The sun is shining, its really hot, there are loads of people around and the cafes are doing a roaring trade. Here are just a few pics i took:

Today’s the day

Today is the day!

The Middle of Middle Earth welcomes you all for the world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The red carpet is in place, the streets are blocked off and the crowds are beginning to form.

The sun is out, the sky is blue with a hint of cloud and the forecast is for 19c.

Shaping up to be an epic day. Let’s hope it all goes well and the film is a hit.


So, the whole cast has finally arrived in Wellington!

I saw the Hobbit 777-300 leaving Wellington Airport as i was walking around the Hobbit artisan market in Waitangi Park- it was certainly an impressive sight! Turned out it was the remainder of the cast arriving.

Four dwarves, one wizard, a great-grandson and a very large plane made the journey to the middle of Middle Earth this morning.

The final cast members of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrived in Wellington aboard Air New Zealand’s specially outfitted Boeing 777-300 that travelled via LA and London.

A select group of media were invited to join stars as they boarded in Auckland, including Aidan Turner, Dean O’Gorman and J.R.R. Tolkien’s great-grandson Royd on their short trip.

“It’s all a bit crazy. This is a bit bit weird,” Turner, who plays Kili, said about staging a media call on a plane.

“My ears are popping and I keep looking out the window and realising we are on a plane,” said O’Gorman, who stars as Fili, Turner’s brother.

The flight’s special guests were joined by cabin crew decked out in Hobbit habits: leather arm-pieces for the men and silver crowns for the women.  And if they got bored, they could always watch Lord of the Rings on the in-flight entertainment.

But the cast had bigger things on their minds, as they contemplated watching the film they spent a year and a half filming for the very first time.

“We get a cast viewing today in case we hate it,” said Turner.

“Then it would be jumping on a plane back to Dublin quickly.”

And they brushed aside talks of animal cruelty on the set of the film.

Kiwi actor John Callen, who plays Oin in the film, discounted the validity of complaints horses were treated badly on set.

“The big question has to do with timing.  My feeling is, if people were 100 per cent genuine in their intentions, then perhaps someone should have been done sooner.”

And after less than a hour, the five men arrived in Wellington to join the Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman and the rest of the cast on the boarding steps of the plane waving to fans who lined the airports viewing areas.

After tomorrow’s premiere the cast will start a promotional tour around the world.

– © Fairfax NZ News


Hobbit fever

Wellington has Hobbit fever!

With the world premiere of The Hobbit this Wednesday, Wellington has been renamed as Middle of Middle Earth and there are signs of life everywhere!

Gollum is curently living at the aiport, 13 dwarves and their Hobbit companainion are marching along the top of the NZ Post Building,

Gandalf is knocking  the door of a Hobbit Hole atop the Embassy Theatre where the film will have its premiere.

Air New Zealand have adorned a plane with the world’s biggest paint job, the stars are flying into Wellington as we speak, there is a Shire artisans market in Waitangi Park and the LOTR trilogy is being shown over successive nights in the run up to the Hobbit premiere.

Its a great time to be in Wellington, i can tell you!