Bikes and backs

Headed to Tora Tora the other weekend with Doug, Andrew, Simon and Jerome from church. Had a great time doing the 15km loop and we were blessed with good weather.

After lunch i attempted a second loop but 2 things happened: i lost all my energy (not that suprising considering i had gastro at the start of that week) and secondly my back really started hurting again. I had to abandon my attempt at a second loop and leave the others to it. I did get to enjoy a long lie in the sun but i would have preferred to be doing another loop on what was an excellent track.

I injured my back in January lifting a church sign. It got reasonably better with regular osteopath visits and acupuncture but in recent weeks its regressed. I’m taking painkillers every day and having to lie down on the floor most nights after work due to the constant pain and inflammation.

I sought a second opinion and went to see my GP this week who did a more thorough examination. He has immediately referred me for X-rays and blood tests. Once these are done, he is going to send me for an MRI and to see a specialist. Despite what my osteopath has told me, my doctor is fairly convinced its quite a serious injury I suffered. Either it’s a prolapsed disc or a small fracture of my lower spine…

While its good to be put on the path to more specialist treatment and advice, it could mean surgery and long layoff from work, which isn’t so great. But if it means resolution to 9 months of agony, then I am happy.

It does mean that both biking and running are out of the window for now which is really frustrating…



To everyone on the east coast of America and Canda- stay safe in Sandy. Im thinking and praying for you all.

The jump

This morning Felix Baumgartner undid the door of his capsule, 24 miles above the earth and then jumped into the void…

In doing so, he broke Joseph Kittinger’s record that had stood since 1960 for the highest freefall in history. Kittinger was his mentor and the only person he spoke to during the jump.

His exit was the highest ever recorded: 128,100ft (39,035 meters).

Baumgartner was in freefall for four minutes and twenty seconds. The freefalling distance was 119,846ft (36,529 meters).

His maximum velocity was 373 meters per second.

Baumgartner reached Mach 1.24, meaning he broke the speed barrier.

Both the picture and his words just before he jumped will become iconic.

“I wish the world could see what i could see. Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you are”