Heading south

Thursday at 8am sees Ingrid, my Mum and I starting 21 days of mountains, glaciers, fjords, lakes and forests as we travel around the South Island…

Something to get us in the mood: Hall Arm in Doubtful Sound.


Back with a vengeance…

My intention this year is to blog more regularly now that we have the internet installed at our new place so we will see how that goes…

But the title of this particular post lends itself to something else, unfortunately; I just started my new job at the at the Salvation Army, which is going well and I love working for such a great organisation..however a spanner arrived in the works thanks to my back.

I was moving the church sign at Vineyard the other week which has a heavy water filled weight base and it was at that point that my back packed up; the pain was unbearable and I actually lost sensation in both my arms for a bit which was fairly worrying.

So it turns out that I locked the 3 lowest vertebrae in my back and it also affected the sciatic nerve…cue being signed off work for a couple of days (this just days into the new job), 3 lots of painkillers and anti inflammatories and lying on the couch or in bed for nearly 3 weeks. Its been horrible to be honest and its been really hard to be at work in such acute pain but I’m left with little choice having just started.

It’s slowly coming right with prayer and drugs and im hoping it will all be fine for the epic South Island road trip which is only 2 weeks away now!