The best ideas are often the simplest- take a catchy song by Jonny Love, add in a music video made up of thousands of still photos and the result is a wonderful showcase of Aotearoa…

…anyone care to have a go at naming all the places in the video??!


Bautista at the break

In his final game before the all-star break, Jose Bautista went 2-for-4 and became the first player in the American League since the expansion era (1961) to head into the All-star break leading in the four categories of home runs (31), walks (74), slugging (.702) and on-base percentage (.468). The only two players to accomplish the feat were both National League players; Albert Pujols in 2009 and Barry Bonds in 2003. Bautista also passed George Bell for most homers by a Blue Jay before the All-Star break.

With his 31 home runs, Bautista also became the first player in the majors since Oakland’s Mark McGwire to lead the league in home runs at the all-star break in consecutive seasons. Last season at the break, Bautista had 24 home runs. McGwire led the league in 1997 (31 homers) and 1998 (37).

Bautista is now hitting .334, with 31 home runs and 65RBIs, and has has gathered the most votes in All Star Game history. Lets see if he can win the home run derby at the All Star Game in Phoenix on the 12th!

The Social Network

Watched The Social Newtwork last night and found it a suprisingly enjoyable.

Even if it is only 40% accurate in its depiction of Mark Zuckerberg and how Facebook came to be, its hugely ironic that something touted as integral to modern friendship came about through revenge, anger and bitterness..

All it did was remind me a) why i avoid Facebook and b) that its run by a bunch of people that i do not want to associate myself with.


Humourous quotes outside Bennets Books today:

My son has taken up meditation; at least that is better then him sitting around all day, doing nothing.

A bus is a vehicle that travels twice as fast when you are running after it, than it does when you are sitting in it.

Shaken and stirred

Yesterday Taupo got a 6.5 earthquake that was 150km underneath the ground and barely anyone living there felt it. However, most of the east coast of the north island and especially Wellington (200km away) felt it.

I’ve been in a few earthquakes but this one definitely scared me. My whole office flexed, the bookshelves rattled, everything in the office started moving about and i felt like was on a a ship on a very heavy sea.

Not a nice feeling….