Terrifying, claustrophobic and nausea-inducing, yet still probably the most incredible clip you’ll see all week.

Filip Polc at the 2011 Red Bull Urban Downhill MTB race in Valparaiso.


What’s happening

The last couple of weeks have been weird what with the Christchurch earthquake and the aftermath for me with trying to contact my students and help in whatever way i can.

On top of that, a good friend of the College died suddenly last week which has been very difficult for us all.

Then in the last couple of days we have had 2 fairly sizable earthquakes here in Wellington, but apart from being a bit scary have caused no damage or injuries, thankfully.

In addition im snowed under with marking as I try to finish up all my work this week, before i have a month off.

On the bright side, my friends Janusz and Vlasta were in Wellington the other weekend and it was great to catch up with them on their epic 16 month round the world trip. The same weekend Mel from Bristol Vineyard was here and it was good to see her to as she passed through.

The next week will see the first of a few friends and family arriving, so im really looking forward to it..and my wedding is now only 8 days away!