I, like many others, have prayed hard for the last 6 days, in the hope that there would be a good outcome to the disaster at the Pike River Mine in Greymouth on the West Coast.

Unfortunately it was not to be, with a massive second explosion in the mine ending all hope of getting any of the 29 miners out alive.

Today the flags fly at half mast here in New Zealand.

Today, we are all West Coasters.


Sights and sounds

Just a few of the things i see, smell and hear on the way to work:

The tui in the tree by the bus stop

The sunlight flickering across Kilmister Tops

The bright flowers in the Botanical Gardens

The smell of the cut grass outside Parliament

The conversations of hundreds of school children waiting for their buses

The announcements at Wellington railway station

The smell of timber as it is unloaded on the docks

The horns of the trains as they move through the freight yards