Im back…

Im back from dear old Blighty….so time for an update.

Drinking:  Dilmah tea…well i would but its gone cold

Reading: Nemesis; The Battle for Japan 1944-45 by Max Hastings

Watching:  Public Enemies

Listening: Something Beautiful by Needing to Breathe (thanks Nige!)

Last text:  Nigel

Last phone call: Flightcentre about ticket prices from the UK for friends and family for my wedding

Last Skype: Crossman

Preparing for: The coming weekend here:

Marking: I have 32 pieces of marking…..with another 28 on the way. Guess what i will be doing for the next month?!

Wearing: Icebreaker Merino and Mountain Designs

Wishing I was:  Back in bed – i hate jetlag

Last exercise: Playing football with my nephew Seb and the other kids at my sister’s wedding


This weekend…

Ingrid and i will be having a long weekend in Queenstown and we will be doing this:

It seems the perfcet way to blow off the cobwebs of our jetlag, havign just got back from the UK on Friday!

Friday music choice- 6.8.10

As i head back to the UK on Tuesday for a holiday, my sister’s wedding and the chance to introduce Ingrid to my family, it seems fitting that i should share some great British music from my past.

Blur’s ‘The Universal’ live at Glastonbury last year. My favourite song of theirs and it takes me back to my younger years!