Friday music choice 30.7.10

Mutemath’s new song The Fight recorded live at The Howling Wolf in New Orleans.

Another slice of brilliant music….


Friday music choice 16.7.2010

Last night i was reading an article on mountain biking in Iceland. The scenery was absolutely stunning and it made me want to get on a plane with a bike and head there right now.

So, it seems only right that this Friday’s music has an Icelandic flavour; the stunning sound and sights of Bjork’s Joga.



Graffiti seen on a wall in Kelburn:

‘You’re just a small part of a beautiful picture’

A sign outside Bennett’s bookshopn on Lambton Quay:

‘I have never read any theologian who claims God is particularly interested in religion, anyway’


As I pathologically hate Facebook and I avoid Twitter, here is my wordpress version of what I am currently doing with my life:

Drinking:  The Enzo Orient Tea Company’s English breakfast tea

Reading: Smith-Wigglesworth in Wellington 1922; the story of New Zealand’s greatest revival

Watching:  Generation Kill and FIFA World Cup 2010 (I hate vuvuzelas!!!!)

Listening: Mutemath/Mat Kearney/Leeland/+ the sound of the rain and southerly gale blowing outside

Last text:  Dujon about the Vineyard Block Course coming up

Last phone call: Rosita about her internship

Last Skype: Crossman

Preparing for: Vineyard College block course in Papamoa at end of month and then the trip back to the UK in early August with Ingrid

Marking: Student’s practical ministry journals

Wearing: many layers…

Wishing I was:  sitting in a good seat in the summer sun watching baseball (Blue Jays or Red Sox) or alternatively enjoying the snow down in Wanaka…

Last exercise: walking 8km last Saturday with Ingrid to Red Rocks to see the seal colony!