Friday music choice 26.3.10

As i have mentioned before, I am a big fan of Anna Coddington.  Tonight i am off to the Ruby Lounge here in Wellington to see Anna in concert which i am looking forward to a lot.

So, it seems only right that today’s choice is Never Change, which is the third single from Anna Coddington’s debut solo album “The Lake”. Enjoy!


Coming through!

Drivers are notoriously bad in New York, and because of this, they need a little persuasion to move.

Fortunately, if you are belong to the FDNY, are bright red, weigh a few tonnes and have a variety of lights and sirens at your disposal, it makes it a whole lot easier!

While FDNY Battalion 9 was on a short visit at the quarters of Engine Company 8, Ladder Company 2 and Battalion 8, a full-house alarm was sounded. Even though Battalion 9 was not answering that call, they blocked the intersection allowing the other units to respond faster..and made sure everyone knew they were coming through!

Video taken by Dirk Reinhart of

Engine 8, Ladder 2 and Battalion 8 are based at the “Mid-Town Hi-Rise” Fire House at 165 East 51st Street, Manhattan. 

Battalion 9 together with Engine 54 and Ladder 54 is based at “Pride of Midtown” firehouse in the theatre district at 782 8th Avenue, Manhattan.

The Battalion 8 and 9 cars are 2005 Ford Excursions, Engine Company 8 is a 2008 Seagrave 2000/500HP, and Ladder 2 is a 2006 Seagrave 100′ rearmount aerial.

Bic, Boh, Che, Dave and Tim

The weather was hot and sunny, a picnic was packed and myself, Ingrid, Rochelle, Gabe, Rachel, Nikki and Naomi made the trip over the Rimutakas to the picturesque Alana Winery in Martinborough.

We were headed to the More FM Winery Tour event; Bic Runga, Boh Runga, Che Fu, Dave Dobbyn and Tim Finn live in concert!

The night opened with Bic’s sister Boh who was accompanied by the smooth and soulful Che Fu (who was the real highlight of the evening for me!)

The pair has perfectly suited voices. Che Fu did a lighter version of Chains, as well as Fade Away and Misty Frequencies, with Boh performing solo tracks and songs from the Stellar* songbook, including radio pop hit Violent and For A While (the duet she did with Andy Lovegrove)

Ten years ago Tim Finn, Dave Dobbyn and Bic Runga toured the country sharing their songs, swapping instruments and telling tales.

It was a huge success but Finn was not in the best voice and his solo career had stagnated, and Dobbyn had just released Hopetown, one of his weaker offerings.

This 10-year anniversary finds Tim Finn in stronger voice, newly enthused with a recent two-CD career overview. Dobbyn is close to his peak as a live performer, and in some ways this was a reintroduction to the stage for Bic Runga, who has taken an extended break since her third full-length album, Birds.

There was less instrument swapping this time, the three often standing together strumming guitars, but it was the perfect summer show, held at a family-friendly time.

It was nice to be part of an outdoor show where smokers moved to the back, and those who wanted to stand and dance either made their way to the front or to the centre aisle.

It didn’t take long for the dancing to spread – songs such as Weather with You and Whaling are kiwi national treasures. And Runga’s material (Drive, Sway, Get Some Sleep, Winning Arrow) held its own with two of New Zealand music’s elder statesmen.

Finn solo songs such as Couldn’t Be Done and Persuasion were easy on the ear, but the crowd definitely came alive for his Split Enz material, highlights being Dirty Creature, I See Red and, of course, the alternative national anthem, Six Months in a Leaky Boat.

Dobbyn added Slice of Heaven, Loyal, Whaling, Language, Beside You and Welcome Home (which was amazing) 

The magic of these three dipping in and out of their songbooks was that this never felt like it was about ego…

…just the songs holding hands with each other rather than elbowing each other for room.

And that’s what made it such a great evening!

Yellow fever!

17 of us were at the Westpac last week to see the Wellington Phoenix beat the Newcastle Jets 3-1 in extra time in the Hyundai A League semi final playoff.

Stinking hot day, beautiful weather and one fo the best football matches i have ever been to.

I definitely have yellow fever now..just like the folks on the left!

Can the Phoenix beat Sydney FC on Saturday to make it to the Grand Final?!