The dark tower

Im moving office at work and we are moving to Castlemead…

…or is it Isengard? I can’t really tell the difference!




Lots of pain for lots of gain!

So the charity rugby match took place last Sunday at the Memorial Stadium and it was a sunny festival of running rugby!

Old Bristolians put out a competitive side although they were short of players so few guys from out squad played for them.

Yours truly was picked to start which was bit of a surprise to me! But not long after the initial shock of that came the initial shock of having to make my first tackle of the match.

I started on the wing and played most of the first half and ended up playing the last 15 minutes of the match at fullback. I have to say i was quite tired by the end of it!

It was worth it though as the Bristol Supporters Team beat the Old Bristolians XV by 46-31 and yours truly scored a try!

I got it after a blindside break by our very talented 10. I managed to get up in support and ran it in under the posts from the 10m line. I was very happy to have scored a try a try at the Mem. A dream come true!

What i am not so happy about what getting kicked i the face and getting mild concussion. In literally the last tackle of the match i brought down their centre who then accidentally put the full weight of his boot down on my face, thus giving me a nosebleed for 20 mins!

While everyone was shaking hands, i was being treated on the ground by our physio!

X-rays revelaed that nothing is broken but i have a very sore eye and swollen nose (which I am having difficulty breathing through) and feel like i have a permanent hangover.

The match was played in a good spirit and was a lot of fun and more importantly we raised lots of money for charity; and that is a cause i am more than wiling to suffer some pain for.