A little help from my friends

I’ve been thinking a lot more about the future recently, mostly to do with my work situation (which is far from great but I won’t go into it) and also for a variety of other reasons.

I get the sense over the last few months that  I need to be praying more about my vision and calling and what that means for the seasons ahead.

I have some ideas about my gifts and what they might be used for, but I figured its always important to gauge some counsel from others too and really let God speak into the situation.

So, my dear friends (wherever you are in the world) I was wondering if (as I am doing) you could pray for my direction, calling, vision, future; call it what you will.

If you feel the Lord gives you anything that you want to share with  me, then please leave a comment or email me. I would really appreciate it.


A sad day

I’m very upset that the pier at Weston has burnt down today. For one who was born in the town, I am sad that its most iconic feature is no more.

I find it hard to believe that something that looked so stunning even just last year…

Picture 001

…now looks like this

FIRE Pier 12 

I have fond memories of many visits to Weston in my childhood and even more recently. I have walked on the pier many times, had ice cream and candy floss, played crazy golf, gone to Radio 1 road shows  on the beach, taken a donkey ride and played in the amusement arcades.

I really hope they rebuild it; it would be great for more generations of children to enjoy it.

Friday humour

I laughed so hard when I saw this:


How could you not love a picture with a comedy pelican?

And this made me laugh pretty hard too (especially as I am 3 of the things on this list, so I am clearly in trouble!)


And we wonder why people don’t like Christians?!

Welsh wilderness workout

Last Sunday, Gav, Jamie and I headed off to Wales to attack the Skyline Trail in Afan Forest Park.

We had great weather, the trail was relatively clear and we had no mechanical issues, punctures or crashes (aside from my minor tumble into a partial stream).

We had a bit of everything: flowing singletrack, swooping switchbacks, killer climbs and hard and fast descents.


To say I was tired at the end of the day would be a vast understatement but heck it was 28 miles of blood, sweat and gears!

You would think that having survived such a technical trail in Wales I would be able to emerge unscathed from a quick jaunt through Blaize Castle woods last night wouldn’t you?

Sadly no…

If you know what the phrase “clothes lined” means, then it will give you some idea of what happened when I was heading quite fast downhill in the Blaize Woods.

Put it this way, I am typing with a a very sore arm, a variety of extra leg cuts and memories of trying to repair my bike (once I had managed to find it!) in the middle of nowhere, miles from home.

Ahh..the joys of mountain biking eh?!