Speaking up

This is why Bishop Michael Nzir-Ali should be Archbishop of Canterbury rather than the useless liberal Rowan Williams.

Someone has to speak truth.


For Matt and Becca

Goodbye my long lost friends
I’m glad to see there is no bitter end
Cos it’s a long time
We’ve spent in our lives
And now it’s time
To go

I won’t see you tonight
Cos now it’s time we must say goodbye
Cos it’s long long time till we can say
“I’ll see you again someday”

No need to make amends
I’m glad we parted the best of friends
Cos it’s a long time
We spent in our lives
And now it’s time
To go

I won’t see you tonight
Cos now it’s time we must say goodbye
Cos it’s a long long time till we can say
“I’ll see you again someday”

Absolute Garbage

I picked up the Absolute Garbage CD for the bargain price of £3 the other day (thanks Fopp!) and my word, has it taken me back!!

Damn, Garbage were good in the Nineties. Remember their weird and wonderful rock songs like: Only Happy When It Rains, Vow, and Stupid Girl?

For me, Shirley Manson is still the ultimate rock chick; sublime, scary, beautiful, powerful and indefinable.

If you have forgotten just how clever Garbage were; then it’s time to remind yourself.

I Think I’m Paranoidis love really black and white?

Specialpossibly the coolest music video ever?

Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) you can see right through Garbage’s music in this song

Queerthe coolest of the cool?


amped fired up, awaiting big thrill, stoked, ready to roll

I like the fact that those helpful chaps at Amplifier (home of all Kiwi music things) send me their email on a regular basis. This means that i know about all the good stuff happening….

For instance, Paul McLaney has a new acoustic only album out called Diamond Side; I am amped about that.

However what is more exciting is the fact that this lady is back on the scene.
The beautiful and talented Anna Coddington has a new album out soon.

Anna, (together with Anika Moa) was singing backing vocals on Bic Runga’s UK tour a couple of years ago as you may remember. Unlike Anika, Anna chose not to showcase any of her stuff which I was gutted about.

Anna use to be lead singer of a great little band called Duchess who had a great song called You Buried Me Alive.

The good news is that Anna is releasing her solo album on 3rd June and so as bit of a foretaste you can hear just how bloody good she is live.

This is her live performance on KIWI FM playing 3 of the tracks from her new album The Lake.

Just Anna and her guitar. Enjoy!

Keep pace

I’m not a fan of hip hop and I’m not a fan of Christian attempts in this muscial genre. But I came across this guy the other day and he brings it!!

Introducing Mr J Medeiros

He’d like to break ya
Put a gun to your back and try to take ya
Couldn’t run from the facts
He gotta make ya
Suffer cause you love the Name and act profane

Never let him hold back ya flame
You’re better than that, the devil can’t change ya
On the same level with the disciples and kings
Your value is never mentioned by the price of your things

Your life is worth more than that
Your body is built to weather any storm in fact
We are never meant for any harm; relax
See the stars in Heaven?
You were born for that.
Why the angels blowin’ horns, cause you’re back from the dead
In the middle of a war you’re trapped in your head.
I’d rather chase the wonder of the light instead
and keep the pace till the hunger of this child is fed.

He’d like to blame ya,
get a hold of your life and try to tame ya.
The force behind the divorce of all nature,
Running it’s course is the source of all danger.
Got a habit of ignoring the stranger,
No matter how you have it we are all in danger.
Some will laugh at you, some will call to change ya
some will blast at ya, yo your drawing’ the same blood.

Walk in these killing fields,
Feel some of the pain our children feel,
Restoring’ the Name and the Will we yield,
We join in the same because we will be healed.
And we will overcome this depression, and the power we succumb to will shower these blessings.
When in the hour of questioning, just remember the flowers and how God dresses them.

Forget what they told ya; love is real, expect it to hold ya.
The struggle you feel is helping to mold ya,
This hunger is real and it’s felt in the soul.
Ya better never let him control ya.
Together as soldiers forever we’ll throw ya,
Never know what will try to over throw ya.
Lie to you and you and deny that they know ya.
Who am I if I can’t be the person I was created to be?
I write a verse and relate it to me.

On the subject of worth I hesitated as I painted the scene,
Heavy laden with the pain of a dream, the Son’s sun.
I’m to blame when refraining to reach for someone,
We’re the same on the surface from the dirt we all come,
No matter where we are from we’re still looking’ at One Son.