Off to the Desert

See you all in a couple of weeks then…


Happy Birthday Iraq

5 years ago today we launched “shock and awe” to go after imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

Today we see what a lie it all was and we see the huge amounts of destruction we have heaped upon that country.

In 2003, the number of insurgents fighting in Iraq was around 5,000; now the conservative estimate is 70,000. The situation is not improving.

And as a picture paints a thousand words, then you should take a look at this.

2/3rds of those in America want their troops to be removed, the figure in this country is even higher.

We have Bush and Blair to thank for involving us in a war that is unjustifiable, morally wrong and as each day passes, clearly more unwinnable.

Reason to be angry…

I wonder if the West will turn its face away from Tibet just like it did with the Lebanon situation?

As the midnight deadline passed for protestors to hand themselves in, journalists are prevented from entering Tibet and the Chinese army again flexes its muscles in preparation for another bloody quelling of a legitimate protest, are we deaf once again to the cries of injustice?

The exclusion of journalists is in contravention of one of the few promises made by China to the International Olympics Committee at the time it was awarded this summer’s Games in Beijing.

This was that foreign journalists should be allowed to travel and report freely in the country. The regulation was enacted into law from January 1 last year.

But more important is the view that China takes on its rule of Tibet.

History shows, however, that at no time was Tibet a part of China, nor was it regarded as such by the traditional dynasties of China.

The present antagonism of Communist China toward the Dalai Lama is based on the fact that the Dalai Lama is Tibet embodied, hence his traditional title of “Kundun” The Presence. In Tibetan thinking, wherever the Dalai Lama is, he is in a profound way, Tibet.

As long as the Dalai Lama insists on the equality of the Chinese and Tibetans he is, in fact, insisting that Tibet is not China. It is for this reason that the Chinese are so antagonistic toward the Dalai Lama and have insisted that they control the choice of the next Dalai Lama who will then be their puppet and say what they want him to say, that Tibet is part of China. At that point the Chinese will have won in Tibet.

At present the Communist Chinese know that as long as this Dalai Lama survives they are in a losing situation. There only alternative is the eradication of Tibetan culture which goes on apace inside Tibet.

The Tibetans, linguistically, culturally and racially and in almost any other way you can think of are not Chinese, if anything their culture is indebted to India, which is clearly shown to be the case as they profess a form of Buddhism which has its origins in India over 1000 years ago.

The Chinese Communist claim to Tibet is both historically and politically false.

If the matter of Tibet’s sovereignty is murky, the question about the PRC’s treatment of Tibetans is all too clear.

After invading Tibet in 1950, the Chinese communists killed over one million Tibetans, destroyed over 6,000 monasteries, and turned Tibet’s northeastern province, Amdo, into a gulag housing, by one estimate, up to ten million people.

A quarter of a million Chinese troops remain stationed in Tibet.

In addition, some 7.5 million Chinese have responded to Beijing’s incentives to relocate to Tibet; they now outnumber the 6 million Tibetans.

Through what has been termed Chinese apartheid, ethnic Tibetans now have a lower life expectancy, literacy rate, and per capita income than Chinese inhabitants of Tibet.

Enough is enough.

Reasons to be cheerful…

We won the cricket (although gutted i wasn’t at the Basin Reserve to watch it)

Freddie Sears saves the day for the Hammers..and ends our shocking losing streak….

The Hurricanes smashed the Brumbies 33-15

Bristol beat the Falcons although it wasn’t too hard (and Pezza has re-signed for 3 years!)

All in all, a good weekend!

5 years on

Its been five years since we invaded Iraq.

Not only has there been the massive financial cost but there is the tragic human cost too; not just the soldiers but many innocent civilians also.

The Iraq Body Count shows you the human cost although even their figures are deemed to be an underestimate.

The survey carried out by the Lancet British medical journal published on 11 October 2006, estimated 654,965 excess deaths related to the war, or 2.5% of the population, through the end of June 2006.

We have listened to the lies of the Western Governments for too long about the “war on terror”.

It was about oil and wealth and an excuse to finish business that Bush’s daddy started way back in 1991.

Bring the soldiers home. Now. End the war.

Then maybe there will be “enduring freedom” for Iraq.

Crazy stories

Martin Buhlmann from Berne Vineyard was sharing some crazy stories over the weekend. This was just one of them.

The man in question is Jim Rogers, Associate Pastor at Bridge Way Church, Denver.

In January 2008, I was flying home from Europe after ministering in Africa at leaders’ conferences for the release of Kingdom healing and the Father’s love. Little did I know that God was wanting to show me that the power of the Kingdom was coming home to the US in new ways and that he intended to heal many on the airplane.

We were about an hour into the air when the stewardesses gave us drinks. I was drinking Diet Coke and wearing a white shirt when accidentally the stewardess bumped my arm and pop went everywhere. My shirt was stained and I felt some frustration. But I immediately felt the presence of God come on me and I knew I was not to get angry. The stewardess helped as best she could clean up the mess. She was very surprised I didn’t lose it. I realize now that the enemy was trying to stop what God had in mind.

I looked across the aisle and saw a lady squirming in her seat. I wondered what her problem was. The Lord told me she had hurt her back two weeks earlier and He wanted me to pray for her. I was tired and just wanted to read my book and watch a movie, so I initially told the Lord “no.” Isn’t it funny—God often wants to use us when we least feel like it? But, God wouldn’t let me go. After quite a few exchanges with the Lord I finally said, “OK fine, Lord, I will pray for her.”

I leaned across the aisle and asked the lady if she had hurt her back two weeks earlier. That got her attention and she asked how I knew that. I explained that the Lord had told me, and I also told her about my recent travels in Africa. Then I asked if I could pray for her. She said “yes.” Then I asked if I could lay my hand on her shoulder; she looked at me and said, “Oh, you mean now?” I told her I didn’t believe God wanted her in pain for the next 8 hours. As I prayed for her, the Holy Spirit fell on her and she fell out of her seat and landed on the floor of the aisle. The stewardess came around the corner; greatly concerned and asked if we needed a doctor. I was trying to explain what had happened, that God was ministering to her, and that the lady was fine.

As we talked, the lady came out of the Spirit. The stewardess asked if she was ok. The lady said, “Yes I’m fine and, hey, my back doesn’t hurt.” I started to explain about the lady’s back when she cut me off. She told the stewardess all about how she hurt her back on ice two weeks earlier and that this pastor prayed for her and she was totally healed. Caught off guard and aware God was present, the stewardess said she had hurt her knee 4 weeks ago and was in constant pain. She asked if I would pray for her. I said yes. Then she got a real serious look and asked if she would fall down. I said I didn’t know. I prayed for her also and God healed her knee on the spot.

As I got up to go back to my seat, there were three people lined up in the aisle asking for prayer. Apparently others had noticed what was going on! I felt the Lord urging me to continue. As I started to pray for the first lady, I suddenly heard over the intercom the stewardess that I had prayed for saying that there was a pastor onboard who had been in Africa praying for healing, and that when he prayed for her and the woman with the bad back both had been healed. She said: “If anyone needs healing they should come to the galley between coach and first class and he would pray for them.” I thought to myself, here we go! Then a large gentleman came up to me. He was from England. He asked if he could catch for me. I thought, thank you Lord, at least there is someone else here who knows what is going on. For the next two hours we had a healing service. At one point the catcher came to me and said, “You need to slow down, I am running out of places to put people.” I looked in the galley and saw people lying everywhere.

We had 5 salvations during our time, including one young man from Saudi Arabia. He was coming to the US for surgery on his torn rotator cuff. He also had other damage to his shoulder. God healed him and I told him it was Jesus who had touched him. He said, “I know Jesus.” I said to him, “Yes, you know who He is, but you need to know Him as a Savior.” As we talked he accepted the Lord. One of his traveling companions was a lady who came to me and said she was a Christian and would see that he got into a church.

The people who didn’t come forward for prayer were wide-eyed and looking over their seats throughout the cabin to see what was going on. When all was finished, I sat down and I picked up my book and laughed to myself. The book was Face to Face with God, by Bill Johnson. I thought to myself, God certainly does have a sense of humor for this indeed was a Bill Johnson moment— everyday saints doing the stuff!!


I laughed soooooo hard when I saw this! A perfect example of a falcon*

But being a Canes supporter I suppose it was ok to laugh?!

That was Cory Jane of the Wellington Hurricanes on the receiving end of a kick from Kurtley Beale of the New South Wales Waratahs.

*The phrase originated from rugby league in Australia. On The Footy Show, casual presenter Mario Fenech’s weekly segment was introduced by a piece of footage from his playing days showing a ball being passed accidentally into his head.

Fenech, being of Maltese descent, had the nickname ‘The Maltese Falcon’, and thus the ‘Golden Falcon Award’ begun to be informally awarded to players whose head came into contact with the football in professional matches. Gradually this was shortened to just ‘Falcon’ and its use became more widespread, referring to any instance of the ball coming into contact with a person’s head in any sport.