The $6 trillion dollar war

The Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has revealed that $6 trillion is the cost of the war in Iraq.

It makes for sobering reading; especially when you see what $6 trillion can buy you.

The servicemen and women out there are doing a great job which they know to be dangerous.

However, it’s always the civilian casualties who really pay the cost of war and I don’t expect to see much funding going to help the orphans and damaged of Afghanistan and Iraq.

These have been, and will be written into history, hopefully, as two of the most despicable acts of commodity grabbing, cleverly disguised as the facade of instilling democracy and fighting the war on terror.

There are many ‘terrorists’ in the world but it depends a lot on your point of view. If there was any justice, Bush and Blair would be tried in the Hague as war criminals and thieves.

But that is unlikely to happen isn’t it?


Something for the weekend

Last weekend, despite England’s emphatic victory over France, I was a bit gutted.

Bristol lost 32-30 to Wasps in the last minute; well, actually it was the 8th minute of injury time. No surprise that it was given by the ref (Ashley Rowden) who is a bit of a plank.

With Wasps missing many key players due to international call ups and injury I though we had a win in the bag; but thanks to Mr Rowden it was not meant to be.

Stil we got bonus points for losing and for scoring four tries; 2 to Anthony Elliott, one to Higgy and another to Gimli who had another fine game.

This weekend its the big derby at Ahton Gate -a big crowd is expected and here’s hoping that Lee repeats his favourite tricks that he always seem to play against B***.

Merit badge

I admit that my appreciation of female musicians is limited to a small but select number; namely Beth Rowley, Brooke Fraser, Jennfer Knapp, Anika Moa, Bic Runga and Hollie Smith.

I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of Kelly Clarkson; i do like some of her stuff but IMHO I also think that she needs better material. Anyways, I digress.

Some friends and I were chatting the other day when one of them inferred that Kelly Clarkson “couldn’t sing” and “certainly can’t sing live”.

I beg to differ, as the evidence below suggests. I’ll let you be the judge. Irrespective of whether you like her stuff or not, I don’t think you can argue that Miss Clarkson doesn’t have talent.

Strange sense of deja vu

So, we beat Glos again!

29-26 and another Jason Strange drop goal proved to be the difference!

I think some poor handling let down Glos as well as some ferocious tackling by Bris and some questionable play from Paterson.

I also thought Vainokolo was criminally underused and very marked by Lee who has a super game.

Scott Linklater was immense and was our best player –he has had some stick off me this season but I was very happy he had a stormer.

It was a very enjoyable game indeed and actually thought a draw would have been a very fair result of a super game –naturally glad we got the win though through our impressive forward power!

My time in the Bass terrace was enlivened by some good banter with some very funny Glos boys –one Scottish guy was especially funny –at one point he shouted at Wayne Barnes “come on ref, you’re missing a great game”

I guess we can retain gloating rights for this fixture for another season!

And bring on the Wasps this Saturday!