The things we do to feel alive

Some people just want to live life on the edge.

Travis Pastrana is one of them and Mike Parsons is another.


Hit and miss

It was at long last that Ets and i caught up properly last night now that he has returned from SA.

A quality evening was spent at Tinto enjoying good food, beer, dessert and reliving our childhood by playing a few games of Battleships (which frankly is so much like life with lots of hits and misses)

To me, doing that and talking about life, hope, despair, joy, faith and everything else in between was much more my idea of “church”.

Church does nothing for me; I haven’t been to church for while and in truth I don’t really want to right now.

As i chatted to a good friend over lunch last week, we have found (and do find) it a day to day struggle to maintain not just trust in God but even just belief at times.

I often wonder if life would be simpler and less painful if I just got on with life and ignored all this God stuff. I’m definately not interested in jumping through hoops to keep up some pretense of spirituality and connection with God.

Frankly, I don’t care if anyone thinks less of me for not going to church; if they do, then they are not someone I want to call my friend.

People say that God is good; all the time. Really?

I beg to differ, as my life and much of that in people around me does not have evidence that reinforces such a view. Life is hard and crap stuff happens all the time. Such a notion of God being good when every fibre of your body and life screams evidence to the contrary is rose tinted and does not sit with both the reality of suffering and grace.

Frankly I am sick of people saying how good God is and sick of His silence and indifference towards me.

I see no evidence of His goodness, His hope, or His promises. Things I once hoped for and believed in have been taken away and He has left me in a void.

I don’t feel I want to know Him right now.

Why do i love Mutemath?

Because they make great music and amazing videos like this one for “Typical“.

By the way, this wasn’t filmed in the normal way and then the film simply they played and sung the song backwards and then recorded it!

Took months of practice but it makes it even more amazing!

High Altitude Adventures

Went to see a series of short adventure films last night with Andy, Heidi and Jackie.

All 3 were brilliant and visually stunning; i think i want to base jump now!

The first was called Fatima’s Hand

A sheer fist of rock rising out of the Mali desert in west Africa, Fatima’s Hand is a mountain shrouded in myth and magic, home of an ancient tribal people, the Tellen.

Base-jumpers, Karina Hollekim and Geraldine, are determined to jump off the peak, but things don’t go all their own way, and despite developing a moving relationship with the villagers who live in its shadow (all funds from the trip were put towards providing them with a well), Norwegian Karina finds herself developing ‘a strange feeling about this one’ and she was right…it was a haunting adventure.

The second film was The Wall Crawler

Multi-awarding-winning documentary about Alain Robert; the French Spiderman who climbs tall buildings with just his bare hands, using no safety harness or ropes.

Wiry and long-haired, Robert has free-climbed most of the world’s tallest buildings, including the Sears Tower in Chicago and Shanghai’s 1,420-ft Jin Mao tower, usually getting arrested in the process!

The third film was Anomaly

Extreme skiing and snowboarding– and then some! This film showed the freakish and seriously abnormal abilities of top ski and snowboard athletes as they push the boundaries of of what can be done on one plank or two.

Heli-skiing, sheer gulleys, even Jamie Pierre survives a world record 25-story free fall from the side of a mountain!

Some breathtaking footage, especially of the guys who trigger avalanches as they traverse steep slopes around the world.

The thing i realised the most from watching these films was not just the fact that these guys love what they do, but they actually have a huge grip on the reality of what they are attempting! (listen to what Jamie Pierre says before he does his jump).

My new ride

My new Claud Butler San Remo 14 Speed! Really loving having a road bike again after a 10 year break -not use to such a saddle though!

It has already enabled me to lose about 4 mins off my communting time! More pics here.