Still alive…!

Howdy kids –I am still alive and well!

The weekend before last I managed to complete/survive the Rat Race (read report here to see what they made us do!) and Ben and Claire and I managed to finish 46th out of 150 teams which we were pretty happy about.

Despite being very tired, we all enjoyed it immensely and so far we (together with the other 2 Add Momentum teams who finished in the top half), have managed to raise over £7,000 of the £10,000 we are hoping to for HOPEHIV.

Fortunately I had last week off to recover from all my aching muscles and also spend some time with Ellie who had the week off too.

We started the week off in style by going to the Mute Math gig at the Academy and it was even better then I hoped it would be! It was awesome!

Ellie enjoyed it to as did Mirku who wrote a great report on his blog about it.

On Wednesday Ellie and I then pottered down to Saunton Sands and Ilfracombe for the day and despite some rubbish weather, and having to hide in a cafe for ages (no bad thing!) we did have some good weather eventually and had a nice time at the beach!

We also enjoyed some award winning fish and chip sat the legendary Squires in Braunton! Well worth a visit I can tell you!

On Friday we went over to Chepstow and Tintern Abbey and had a walk along the river and up to Devil’s Pulpit which does have a great view but it was raining heavily at the time so it made a bit tricky to see!

Other than that, both Ellie and I were ill for most of the week me with a cold and her with a post wisdom tooth operation infection –this made for a poorly Ellie and so Martin got to play Florence Nightingale over a few days!

Still it was a nice week off and makes you appreciate having time to stop and spend time doing simple things with those you care about…

And now i am back at work…oh well!


Its Rat Race time…arghhhhhhh!

Yes it has finally arrived -the Rat Race is this weekend!!

Despite having done the 15 Peaks, i am a little apprehensive about doing this.

However i know it will be a great adventure (although i realise im saying that now and may feel very differently once i have finished!)

But it is all in aid of a good cause and we’re aiming to raise £10,000 for HOPEHIV so if you do feel like sponsoring me, then that would be great!!

Mutemath in Bristol!

As some of you will remember, i was pretty excited when Bic Runga came to play in Bristol last year.

However my excitement has well and truly surpassed that as i have just discovered my favourite band in all the world are playing in Bristol next Tusday!!

Yes Mutemath are playing here!

Am super excited and i have got tickets for Ellie and i already!

Why not take a listen at some of their stuff?

Little update…

Haven’t posted properly in ages but there has been lots going on. Won’t go into massive detail but i think God has me on a learning curve -which though that is a good thing hasn’t been easy.

I went off to NYC for a few days to have a bit of a break. Was good to see the Wroes in their American adventure and also Mike and Char. It was good to enjoy great weather, good food and good company. I have put some pics up on my Flikr site.

More importantly it gave me some time away to reflect and process some of the stuff that has been going on recently. All i will briefly say is that God spoke, i listened and have been trying to apply what He has been telling me. Its still hard at times but i am learning to want to make the right choices.

Aside from all of that, i reached 33 on Friday and had a great night out with Ellie and close friends. Had Garbers stag day on Saturday which involved paint balling (quite painful!), BBQ, rugby and beer -a good day indeed. Yesterday i continued to celebrate my birthday by spending the day with Ellie.

All in all, a good weekend. Am aiming to try to spend some more of this week taking time out with God to listen; then need to keep applying what He is saying!