Resonating with me

‘The art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.’

Lady Dorothy Nevill


Getting away

…and what better way to enjoy some quiet bike free days than to spend 3 days with Ellie and her family in Hartley Wintney this weekend.

I will finally get to taste the legendary curry at the Viceroy and maybe a quiet pint at the Waggon.

I feel relaxed already just thinking about it…

Extreme biking

I think i must emit some sort of weird signal that makes cars want to hit me when i am on my bike.

Yesterday i got hit by a very nice BMW on my way into work. A quick trip to the BRI and some x-rays revealed nothing more than a very sore collarbone, shoulder and elbow and some slightly battered pride.

Still, it was a very spectacular flight across the bonnet…and it gave everyone on the bus next to the crash an interesting start to their day.

I managed 3 years in and around London without a single accident but this is now the 4th time this has happened in Bristol and i think the city has become the new home of extreme biking.

So, for now, i am going to have a few quiet bike free days…

Fellowship and food

Last weekend was great in so many ways.

On Friday Ellie cooked up a great meal for the Nevil Road posse, Will and Carly. She was even brave enough to let me share the kitchen so I could do the garlic mash! Fortunately everyone seemed to survive my part of the dinner! It was such a good evening with lots of laughter and wine and chat. Sharing a meal is such a simple thing yet I think its important to not take it for granted or the company you share it with.

Saturday saw Ellie and I biking to Bath (on a pretty hot day!) and spending the afternoon in the park with a picnic and a good book and an ice cream. Throw in a good film and a takeout and it was a good day indeed.

Sunday Ellie and I shared church at Vineyard and Woodies and both services were pretty cool! Even better was lunch invite by the Jericho crew who were in Bristol. Ollie cooked up a great roast and we all just about managed to keep our lunch down throughout all the laughter!

So a big thank you to Meels, Gracie, JT and Ollie for making me and Ellie a part of the Sunday fun!!

Whitters -sorry i missed you bro! Email me though!!!!


Easter is always a time to reflect and this year was no different. The service on Sunday morning made me think about stuff that I am thankful for things like my job, my house, my health, my faith.

However, I especially felt thankful not just for things but people; people that matter to me a lot and who make a difference to my life in many ways.

So, here are the ones that deserve my thanks:

Neil & Jules: for housing me, feeding me and always being there for me

Ian & Sarah: for your encouragements and advice and for keeping my head up

Matty T: my fave Noo Yawker; thanks for your counsel and for spiritually kicking my butt when you need to!

Grommit: thanks for your teaching these last few years –it has helped me grow a lot

Andy & Ets: my brothers in prayer –thank you for your support and being part of this journey with me

Crossman: for prayer, worship, wisdom and weirdness!

Nigel: my fave Kiwi and true brother in Christ–I would be lost without your friendship (and cricket talk!)

Rachel: thank you for your encouragements over the years

IMLs: (Matt and Chris) thanks for being you…despite the distance, we are still close

Ellie: You are my best friend and the one I love. Thank you for being in my life, for loving me and just for being you xx

Jesus: because the last shall be first. Thank you for setting me free. You don’t have to love me the way you do…

New book

Hooked up with Crossman last night for some well overdue chat, worship and prayer. Was a great time as usual. We kind of felt that God was saying how he wants us to be both intentional in how we act and that we act with integrity in all aspects of our lives.

Definitely some stuff to think about there….

As an aside we feel we should write a book together. We are thinking it will be about relationships.

We came up with a snappy title too: “6 Steps to Integrous Intentionality”.

We figured we could sell it through a Christian publisher to the devout, for loads of cash, all the while giving the impression that once you read this book, God will immediately bring about fulfillment in relationships without you having to resort to things like prayer, discipline, sacrifice and unconditional love.