Fundraising Madness

The 15 Peaks didn’t deter me; yet again i am going to push my body through the pain barrier for charity!!

This year I am in 1 of the 3 teams from Add Momentum that will be participating in the 2007 Bristol Rat Race on 16th/17th June with the aim of raising £10,000 for HOPEHIV.

The Rat Race is an urban adventure race involving teams of 3 competing in a multi-discipline challenge using fitness, nerves, teamwork and stamina.

An entire city is used as a course and over a whole weekend; teams run, climb, mountain bike, kayak and abseil the streets, waterways and urban jungle.

The course is 80km and is only revealed hours before you begin!

HIV/AIDS has already orphaned 13 million children in sub-Saharan Africa. By 2010, it is estimated that this number will rise to 20 million. Make no mistake; this is a problem of huge scale. Yet the opportunity of bringing life, hope and purpose to this generation of children makes it a cause worth fighting for.

Both Add Momentum and HOPEHIV believe that the future of Africa will largely be decided by the next generation of young leaders who emerge from the community of those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. This generation of orphans can, with the right support and training, produce the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa.

With £50, HOPEHIV could help vulnerable children by:

• Funding a life-skills training session for vulnerable young girls or
• Providing funds for 5 orphans in Tanzania to attend a local weekly Kids Club or
• Providing training for 5 street children for a month, providing them with skills to help get them off the streets.

For me a bit of physical pain is worth the effort if it helps make a difference to a child with HIV.

To sponsor me as part of the Add Momentum teams in aid of HOPEHIV please visit:

Many thanks for all your support!!


The old…

I was just thinking that despite email and blogging etc its always nice to get letters..and its even nicer to send them, so i think i should get back to my old habit of writing them again.

The old me

The last few months God has done a lot of healing in me.

But of course, the old parts of me still surfaces and at times seems worse than ever; usually when I am tired or stressed or emotional.

Then whatever comes out of my mouth seems to hurt those closest to me. I hate it that these moments seem to have been quite frequent recently.

I am thankful for God’s grace and for this statement which I read in one of my old bibles today:

“God loves you as much on your bad days as He does on your good ones…because His acceptance of you is based on your position in Christ not your condition in the flesh”.