Paul Mclaney

I have been listening to a couple of tracks from Paul Mclaney’s new album called Edin.

Mclaney came to prominence by fronting one of NZ’s most unique bands Gramsci. Since then he has branched out on his own and Edin is his latest offering.

I’ve been listening to “Let me count the ways” and “Don’t want to know”. The latter is staggeringly beautiful.

If you want to expand your knowledge of quality music i suggest you check out this album!


Little weekend in Cornwall

A few of us went to Polzeath in Cornwall for the weekend. It was great. Always nice to be by the sea!!!!

We eat well, drank well, enjoyed some surfing (Tim and i were brave enough to venture out!) and dealt with fiendish jigsaw puzzles!!

Here we are in cute little Port Isaac….Ruthy, Mark, Garbers, Kate, Tim, Ellie and Joy.

Here are some more photos if you want to take a peek.

Break from blogging

I am aware that i haven’t posted for a bit but wanted to say i am alive and well!

I have been getting back to books again, which i love, and God is showing me a lot through John Eldredge’s latest.

Definately worth a read guys!!


Brenton Brown puts it well in one of his songs:

“There is no higher call,
There’s no greater reward
Than to know you God,
To be known as yours.

There is no better goal,
Nothing I’m longing for,
Can compare with the truth that forever more,
You are my God

You are my God and I love You”

I guess i want this to be my focus for the coming year.