That’s one way of describing it!

“Think of it as an adventure” – Fraser describing how to use Leadbay to a broker using the system for the first time.


Jean Bowditch

Yesterday i received some shocking and very sad news. I have only just found out that my good friend Jean Bowditch was killed last October.

Jean was a integral part of the lovely community of Carbis Bay in Cornwall and a key member of the wonderful church of St Anta and All Saints.

For a number of years, a team of students from Christchurch in Bristol went down to Carbis Bay and helped the local church run a holiday club for one week in the summer for a large number of the local primary school kids. I have such great memories of the fun we had on those weeks, enjoying the golden Cornish sunshine and trying to look after 100 children!

Jean and her husband Mike were an integral part of the team of locals who fed, watered and hosted all of us from Bristol. I have a strong memory of an especially fantastic roast chicken dinner one evening and also of a huge barbecue she and Mike put on. We all talked late into the night, watching the sun go down over the coast, watching the shooting stars in the sky and talked about the privilege it was to tell children about Jesus.

Jean was a woman of prayer. Long after us students returned to Bristol, she and the community of Carbis Bay would continue to pray for the many children who went to the local school. She faithfully committed many of them to prayer every day and for that i thank God. She was the ongoing, daily presence of Christ to the local children.

I cannot to express how sad i am that she is no longer here and that i won’t get to enjoy her fantastic Cornish hospitality and sense of humour. If Jean had passed in normal circumstances it would still be hard but i could understand.

But i am having a hard time with this, because Jean was murdered. She was cleaning the house of an elderly member of the parish, as she often did, when she disturbed a burglar who then killed her. That man has been brought to justice and is now serving life.

For someone as gentle and as faithful as Jean to have had her life ended in such a violent and shocking way is incomprehensible to me. I know that she is now in a safe and better place with her Lord now, and that gives me some comfort.

But i still don’t understand it. Sometimes i hate our world so much.

Just to say

Ets and Andy -my partners in prayer and my brothers in Christ. Thank you for your continued support and friendship. Its been so cool hanging out and seeing what God has built between us this year.

Crossman – thanks for your worship and words and wisdom. And for the biscuits…

Tim and Tom -thanks for bringing me food and your company this week -muchos appreciatos.

Nige -as ever, what can I say my favourite brother in Christ? Even though you are the other side of the world, its as if you are right here. Your friendship is beyond measure and something that I thank God for.

Ellie -thank you for showing me so much about God’s unconditional love and grace.

Night and Day

Its not new to me that I get times when the dark nights return in my life after good days. Considering I have had some fantastic weeks since the Vineyard houseparty, I was not naive enough to think I wouldn’t feel some heat from the enemy at some point.

And so this week, aware I was going to have a bit of a low dip, I thought it would be ok to manage as God has helped me so much in the last few weeks in terms of my thinking and how I see myself.

Instead not only did I get a low (manageable though) but I got a migraine (which I never get) and had 2 nights of not sleeping and being absolutely battered in my thoughts about stuff from my past. Stuff that clearly I need to have further healing in.

Its seems no surprise that me, along with many others have been getting a spiritual kicking ahead of the Healing Conference starting tonight……

I have been strengthened by the prayers of many people over the last few days and for words of encouragement and support. And for that I thank God.

I really think He is going to bring something down tonight and tomorrow at the Conference…..