How will all these broken places mend?
All my certainties have bent
You know i should be lost now, at my end
You and I
Love found us here again


Flung into space

Apparently our planet moves at a very fast pace; something like a million miles an hour.

Today i feel like Earth abruptly stopped and i have been suddenly flung into space and am hurtling off into the oblivion….

Hmm…not sure where i am going to land..i hope i am not falling from grace but into it…

Redirecting…and arriving….

Hmmm…you ever get that period of time in your life where you feel Iike God takes the jigsaw puzzle that is your life, throws it up in the air, it lands and you suddenly realize there are a few pieces missing?

But then you realize that despite the missing pieces, it doesn’t matter, because strangely, the picture that is being put together with the remaining pieces bears no resemblance to the one that was before.

I don’t know why I say this but it feels like my life is like that right now. God seems to be redirecting me and my focus on to what is important, not second best; what is pure, not what is unworthy; on what is eternal not what is temporary; on what He wants not what I think I need.

I think that (figuratively) He is asking me to move to a new place and I don’t know where that is or what it looks like – I feel like I am just arriving though. Its as if I am in the airport arrivals hall and am at customs. I have a glimpse of this new place beyond the cordon…but I don’t know if I am excited or scared to death.

I do know that He sees the depth of my heart and He loves me the same and that His grace is enough for me, no matter what I don’t understand.

Right now that is all I have..and that is all He wants.