Back to blogging!

Well I finally have some more time to sit down and do some blogging again – hurrah! About a month ago I helped the lovely Poe move from her old place in Wimbledon to her splendid new flat in Oval with a minor detour to Grimsby to get the rest of her furniture. We did have a great curry! and Poe and I managed to have a nice sunset walk on Cleethorpes beach….ahhh the North East coast of England -so bracing!. I am very happy that Poe is finally in a great flat with her good friend Wendy.

A couple of weekends later my dad and I took some furniture down to London for Poe. (A huge thanks to Ian and Sarah and Tazz and Anna-Marie for their generosity!!) With a minor detour to Chineham to get a sofabed (thanks Rachel!) my dad and I safely deposited said furniture, put up curtain rails and blinds and tried to plumb in the washing machine. The latter failed miserably as my dad and I managed to flood the flat below and Poe’s kitchen (not really badly though!). Fortunately Poe got in a professional who sorted it out a few days later. She is now settling in nicely and I think her neighbours were ok with having a water feature in their flat!.

I also had the pleasure of going to the Vineyard Leaders South Conference in Winchester recently. It was a very encouraging and uplifting day and I even managed to bump into Angus who I last saw in Auckland in December when he was doing an outdoor adventure course on a stag weekend I was on – what a small world eh?

Poe came down last weekend and we had a relaxing weekend of quality time just for us: lots of food, relaxing on the couch, reading and good films – a great weekend!. In 2 weeks time Poe and I are off to Polzeath for a week’s holiday – can’t wait!

I have also found things a but tough recently and have been under quite a lot of spiritual attack, mainly in the area of my self image. Its been a struggle at times and I have also realized that in the 2 weeks that I have found it hard, I haven’t met with any of my prayer partners. I am glad to say that I am back on track with the latter and aim to meet with Ian, Ben or Andy at least once a week. God has also been reminding me that sometimes I find it hard to accept affirmation, whoever I get it from, but He is slowly changing and healing me in that area….. go’s turning into an epic!


Hanging in there…

When everything inside me
Looks like everything I hate
You are the Hope I have for change
You are the only chance I’ll take

And I’m on fire when you’re near me
I’m on fire when You speak
I’m on fire burning out these mysteries

I’m standing on the edge of me
I’m standing at the edge of everything I’ve never been before
And I’ve been standing at the edge of me
Standing at the edge

(On Fire – Switchfoot)

I have been under real spiritual attack recently and truth be told I have been finding it very difficult at times. Its been gritted teeth, sweat pouring, head spinning, constantly praying and resisting the enemy.

God’s grace is getting me through.