6 today

Time does fly. Hard to believe my little boy is now 6.



RIP Bristol Rugby 1888-2018

This morning, in what i thought was at first a terrible dream, I awoke to find crazy news about Bristol Rugby- after 130 years of history ,we are being rebranded as…

…Bristol Bears.


Less than a week after celebrating promotion back to the Premiership, us fans have been slapped in the face.

Steve Lansdown ,the billionaire owner of Bristol Rugby, Bristol City FC and Bristol Flyers Basketball has made a personal decision to re-brand the club ,without any consultation with us the fans. I guess the sheer joy of having massive unaccountable personal wealth means you can do what the hell you like and screw everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, Bristol Rugby needs to modernize and some re-branding and kit change is to be expected. No problem there.

Lansdown has stated that the Bears are a brand new rugby club. So, the previous 130 years of Bristol Rugby count for nothing now do they?  Its as if the club has never existed.

This is our current badge- the coat of arms of the city of Bristol. Heritage and meaning.


This is our kit- blue and white hoops- with some minor variations, its been that way since 1888. Classic, timeless.


This will be our new club badge and kits.



This makes me so angry. I spent years on the Terraces at The Mem supporting my team and even thought i live on the other side of the world, i keep track of them and watch games when i can.

Im grateful Steve Lansdown stepped in to save Bristol Rugby but that does not mean he gets to remove the heart and meaning of our great club. His tenure at the club may continue but my support of it won’t any longer.


064Yesterday, in glorious weather i decided to tackle the aptly named Mount Climie, just around the corner from us here in Upper Hutt.

The track is only 6km long, yet it has an average gradient on 14%, although some sections are 20%.

The summit is 860m or 2,821 ft. And i felt every step of it.

059It took me 90mins to climb up and almost the same time to get back down, due to the steepness of the trail. It wa one of the hardest things i’ve done.

It was worth it for the views from the top: Wellington harbour, the Hutt Valley, Mana and Kapitit Islands, the Wairarapa, Palliser Bay, the Tararua Mountains, the Cook Strait and the Marlborough Sounds were all visible from the top.

Breathtaking,  in all senses of the word!



10 players

Adam Herold, 16, from Montmartre, Saskatchewan

Connor Lukan, 21, from Slave Lake, Alberta

Evan Thomas, 18, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Jacob Leicht, 19, from Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Jaxon Joseph, 20, from Edmonton, Alberta

Logan Boulet, 21, from Lethbridge, Alberta

Logan Hunter, 18, from St. Albert, Alberta

Logan Schatz, 20, from Allan, Saskatchewan

Stephen Wack, 21, from St. Albert, Alberta

Xavier Labelle, 18, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

5 staff

Brody Hinz, 18, from Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Darcy Haugan, 42, from Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Glen Doerksen, 59, from Carrot River, Saskatchewan

Mark Cross, 27, from Strasbourg, Saskatchewan

Tyler Bieber, 29, from Humboldt, Saskatchewan


With my North Face jacket well in need of retirement after 12 years sterling service,  i turned to Helly Hansen for my new winter parka.

5 days after i ordered it from the UK, my insulated Dubliner Parka has arrived. It will sit in my closet with my two other Helly Hansen jackets (one wind/one waterproof) awaiting the Upper Hutt winter weather which can reach a lovely -7c.

Having been a long time North Face man, it was bold move to switch to Helly Hansen for my gear of choice, but i haven’t regretted it. I figured that a Norwegian company that has been making outdoor gear since 1877 knows a thing or two…


Couriers = useless

Question for you couriers….How bloody difficult it is to check the address where you are and where you are supposed to be?

Today i received parcels i had ordered or rather, i didn’t.

According to CourierPost’s website, it had been delivered and signed for. Well, guess what? It hadn’t arrived and i certainly hadn’t signed for it.

When i phoned CourierPost, they gave me the usual flannel about ‘you sure you didn’t sign for it?’ and ‘are you sure its not on your property?’


They chased the Courier who said he had left it on the doorstep. Not incorrect…just that it was the doorstep of another house!

When the Courier turned back up and got my parcels back from next door (no 76 NOT 78) i pointed out that being able to read numbers is fairly integral to a job where you deliver things to houses, that you are able to tell apart by, yes, their numbers.

Couriers couldn’t find their own arse with both hands and a map, never mind their delivery locations.