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Hi – if you’re NOT a Salvation Army officer or staff member, we’d love your help with a new Salvation Army website project. Click on the link and send us your email address if you’re interested and you’ll get a survey sent to you next Wednesday. Thanks!

(And for the inquiring minds, the reason we’re not needing help from officers or staff is we really want to see how people who don’t necessarily understand our structure/departments, etc, engage with Salvation Army information.)



Gromit in Wellington

Me-and-GromitIts been so good catching up with Andrew over the last few days while he has been here in Wellington. Hard to believe its been 8 years since i last saw him!!

Andrew has been speaking at the Tip of the Iceberg conference: Addressing exploitation and trafficking in people throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The conference has been run by The Anglican Diocese of Wellington, the Embassy of the United States of America and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Andrew is CEO of Unseen, a multi award-winning UK charity working towards a world without slavery. He was joined at the conference by Unseen’s Executive Director, Justine Currell and both of whom have been instrumental in the passing of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act.