With my North Face jacket well in need of retirement after 12 years sterling service,  i turned to Helly Hansen for my new winter parka.

5 days after i ordered it from the UK, my insulated Dubliner Parka has arrived. It will sit in my closet with my two other Helly Hansen jackets (one wind/one waterproof) awaiting the Upper Hutt winter weather which can reach a lovely -7c.

Having been a long time North Face man, it was bold move to switch to Helly Hansen for my gear of choice, but i haven’t regretted it. I figured that a Norwegian company that has been making outdoor gear since 1877 knows a thing or two…



Couriers = useless

Question for you couriers….How bloody difficult it is to check the address where you are and where you are supposed to be?

Today i received parcels i had ordered or rather, i didn’t.

According to CourierPost’s website, it had been delivered and signed for. Well, guess what? It hadn’t arrived and i certainly hadn’t signed for it.

When i phoned CourierPost, they gave me the usual flannel about ‘you sure you didn’t sign for it?’ and ‘are you sure its not on your property?’


They chased the Courier who said he had left it on the doorstep. Not incorrect…just that it was the doorstep of another house!

When the Courier turned back up and got my parcels back from next door (no 76 NOT 78) i pointed out that being able to read numbers is fairly integral to a job where you deliver things to houses, that you are able to tell apart by, yes, their numbers.

Couriers couldn’t find their own arse with both hands and a map, never mind their delivery locations.

Welcome to Wellington

Announcement from our train conductor as we arrived in Wellington station this morning:

“Good morning everyone, Campbell here your train manager.  Welcome to Wellington station. Id like to thank you all for travelling on this Metlink Hutt Valley service this morning.

Id also like to apologize for this service running on time this morning. I know that’s not the norm and its an inconvenience. I noticed a lot of you running to the platforms as you were surprised the train was already at the station.

It is something new we are trying out, so bear with us and we’ ll see how we go as we make the transition”.